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73 F11M 250

Kawasaki Part Cross Reference Software contains information for this bike.
Need photo Model Identification
Color Lime Green
Frame serial # F11-900001 - 9????
Engine serial # F11E90001 - 9??? found on LH top, below carburetor.
Cylinder Mark 246CC found on LH side
Engine Type 2 stroke, single cylinder, piston-valve, air cooled.
Displacement 247cc
Bore X Stroke 68.0 X 68.0 mm
Compression Ratio 8.0:1
Maximum HP N/A
Maximum torque N/A
Carburetor Mikuni VM32SS
Lubrication System Premix gasoline & oil
Transmission Ignition System Rotor magneto
Clutch Type Wet, multi-disc, Manual Ignition Advance Fixed
Transmission 5-speed, constant mesh, return shift Crankshaft Rotation Counterclockwise from ignition (LH) side
Shift Pattern (Bottom Up) 1-N-2-3-4-5 Cylinder Material Aluminum alloy with ferrous sleeve.
Gear ratios 1st 2.23 (29/13) Fuel Min 95 Research/90 average oct, mixed 20:1 gas:oil
2nd 1.62 (26/16) Oil 2-stroke racing oil for air cooled engines
3rd 1.26 (24/19) Tuning Specifications
4th 1.05 (22/21) Engine
5th 0.91 (20/22) Cylinder Head Torque Nuts Cross-tighten : 3.5 kg/m
Primary Ratio 3.00 (72/24) Bolts Cross-tighten : 2.2 kg/m
Final Ratio 3.71 (52/14) Compression Pressure 12.0 kg/cm² STD 8.5 kg/cm² service limit
Overall Ratio (top gear) 10.12 Spark Plug NGK B9EV 0.6 mm gap
Chassis Ignition Timing 20° BTDC (2.59mm) - Set point gap, install dial indicator, and turn stator plate to adjust timing.
Wheelbase 1395 mm Point Gap 0.35 ± 0.05 mm
Ground Clearance 188 mm Air Screw 1½ turns out
Dry Weight 94 kg Idle Speed Engine stops at closed throttle or lowest stable rpm.
Fuel Tank Capacity 7.0 liters Transmission Oil SE Class SAE 10W30 or 10W40
Tire Size Front 3.00-21 4PR Tube-Type - Capacity 1.0 liter
Rear 4.00-18 4PR Tube-Type - Level Motorcycle vertical, wait 5 min, between lines on dipstick, not screwed in.
Brake Type Front Mechanical Drum (Leading/Trailing) Chassis
Rear Mechanical Drum (Leading/Trailing) Fork Oil SAE 10W
Brake Size Front 130 X 28 mm - Capacity 190 cc dry
Rear 150 X 28 mm - Level 461 ± 4 mm (Fork extended, spring installed)
Suspension Stroke Front 175 mm Tire Pressure Front 0.80 kg/cm² cold, change for course & rider preference.
Rear 90 mm Rear 2.20 kg/cm² cold, change for course & rider preference.
  Drive Chain Slack 15 - 20 mm (rear wheel off ground, tightest point, STD) 30-40 mm in muddy/wet conditions

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