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76 KD100-M1

Kawasaki Part Cross Reference Software contains information for this bike.

Need photo Model Identification
Color Quick Silver
Frame serial # KD100M-000001 - 004800
Engine serial # KD100ME000001 - 004802 found on LH top crankcase below air intake duct.
Cylinder Mark 99CC found on RH side
Engine Type 2 stroke, single cylinder, rotary disc valve, air cooled.
Displacement 99cc
Bore X Stroke 49.5 X 51.8 mm
Compression Ratio 7.3:1
Maximum HP 8.5 at 6500 rpm
Maximum torque 0.96 kg-m at 5500 rpm
Carburetor Mikuni VM19SC
Lubrication System Superlube (port injection)
Transmission Ignition System Flywheel magneto
Clutch Type Wet, multi-disc, Manual Ignition Advance Fixed
Transmission 5-speed,constant mesh, return shift Crankshaft Rotation Counterclockwise from ignition (LH) side
Shift Pattern N-1-2-3-4-5 bottom up Cylinder Material Ferrous
Gear ratios 1st 2.92 (35/12) Fuel Min 91 Research/87 average oct, unleaded OK
  2nd 1.76 (30/17) Oil 2-stroke oil for air cooled engines
  3rd 1.30 (26/20) Tuning Specifications
  4th 1.09 (24/22) Engine
  5th 0.96 (23/24) Cylinder Head Torque Nuts Cross-tighten: 2.2 kg-m
Primary Ratio 3.52 (74/21)
Final Ratio 2.57 (36/14) Compression Pressure 5.5 kg/cm² STD 3.5 kg/cm² service limit
Overall Ratio 8.68 top gear Spark Plug NGK B7HS 0.6 - 0.7 mm gap
Chassis Ignition Timing 20° BTDC (1.96mm) - Flywheel mark aligns with crankcase mark at 12 o'clock position
Wheelbase 1100 mm Point Gap 0.30 - 0.40 mm
Seat Height 700 mm Air Screw 1¼ turns out
Ground Clearance 160 mm Idle Speed Lowest stable RPM (usually 1300 ± 100 RPM)
Dry Weight 70 kg Transmission Oil SE Class SAE 10W30 or 10W40
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.0 liters - Capacity 0.6 liter
Tire Size Front 2.50-16 4PR Tube-Type - Level Motorcycle vertical, wait 5 min, just runs out oil level screw hole
Rear 2.75-14 4PR Tube-Type Chassis
Brake Type Front Mechanical Drum (Leading/Trailing) Fork Oil SAE 5W20
Rear Mechanical Drum (Leading/Trailing) - Capacity 92.5 cc dry
Brake Size Front 110 X 30 mm - Level 316 ± 4 mm (Fork extended, spring installed)
Rear 110 X 30 mm Tire Pressure Front 1.75 kg/cm² cold
Suspension Stroke Front 75 mm Rear 2.00 kg/cm² cold
Rear 65 mm Drive Chain Slack 15 - 25 mm (Motorcycle on side stand, tightest point, STD)

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